Used lead apron x-ray shield radiology vest blue w/ thyroid collar

Lead apron x-ray shield radiology vest blue w/ thyroid collar. Measures approximately 23.5" width and 24.5" height.

DataLogic Gryphon GD4132-BKK1 scanner scan gun, USB cable, and STD-G040-BK holder stand

DataLogic Gryphon model GD4132-BKK1 scan gun Comes with USB cable, manuals, and STD-G040-BK scanner holder/stand. Quantity available.

Used Omron and Welch Allyn blood pressure carts / stands

Blood pressure carts available with and without blood pressure cuffs.

Used Medical positioning wedges

Medical positioning wedges 45-degree, 24x9" - qty 2 45-degree, 7x9" - qty 1 13x8x2" - qty 1

Used Medical step stool, footstool, platform – with and without handrail

Used Medical step stool, footstool, platform. Quantity available - with and without handle

Used X-Ray Positioning Cervical Sandbags, 5-lb and 10-lb

X-Ray Positioning Cervical Sandbags Set of (2) 10-lb, Green Set of (2) 5-lb, Black

Used Gonad x-ray protection pads set

Used Gonad x-ray protection pads - set of (1) small and (1) large

Flexi-Holder-Versatile, Multi-Angle DR Panel/Cassette Holder

Flexi-holder significantly reduces retakes caused by improper cassette positioning. It permits smoother scheduling and superior radiographs-saving time and labor for cost effective radiographic procedures. The free-standing model features an extra wide base for maximum stability. It allows accurate…

Lock-N-Secure II Rotating Wireless DR Tray

The Rotating Wireless DR Tray with Cabinet is a great addition to an X-Ray system looking to upgrade to Wireless DR. It is designed for Lock-N-Secure® II Panel Protection upgrades to an existing table or wallstand. This rotational tray eliminates the need to remove the wireless digital 14x17 (35cmx43cm)…

Weight Bearing Platforms

Our weight bearing 2 Step Platform is designed to accommodate digital DR Panels, CR cassettes, and Analog. This product is designed for easy mobility plus stability while allowing for easy weight bearing imaging on the foot, ankle, and knee. Our 2 Step Platform is constructed of high density ABS…

Weight Bearing Covers

Easy to carry, hard to break. Our new Weight Bearing Protective Cover has been designed to accommodate Digital (DR) Panels, CR Cassettes, and traditional X-Ray Cassettes. Our covers are strong yet light-weight, offering a high degree of protection during weight bearing studies or procedures. Our…

Lock-N-Secure II

Using an expensive DR Panel in a portable/mobile environment can be extremely risky. You can easily reduce the burden by protecting your investment with our NEW innovative Lock-N- Secure® II DR Panel Protectors containing multiple layers to absorb impact and increase weight capacity. Designed for all…