Used Air Techniques Allpro Imaging ScanX 14 ILE in-counter digital x-ray imager

Digital x-ray imager / imaging system x-ray scanner Manf: Air Techniques Allpro Imaging  Model: ScanX 14 Portable ILE  Ref: B9810 s/n 1329 Year: Sept 2007 Type: in-counter    Includes: imager, USB cable, power cord.   Software is not sold with this machine. This equipment integrates into…

Used Control-X HF x-ray rad room

Control-X HF x-ray rad room - 2007System includes:40 kw high frequency generator: model MS450HFSTR, s/n M42S2470, 2007 Floor tube stand: model TS-05RT, s/n 161/07, 2007 Wall stand: model WS-99, s/n 161/07, 2007 Elevating table Collimator X-ray tube: Varian, Diamond RAD-68, s/n…

Used Rayence 1717 fixed DR panel – 2016

Rayence fixed DR panel, 1717, 2016 Includes:DR panel Win7 workstation (can be upgraded to Win10 for an additional fee) Monitor

Used Summit chiro / chest rad room with Rayence 1717 DR – 2016

Summit chiro / chest rad room with Rayence 1717 DR - 2016Complete chiro / chest x-ray system, including:Rayence Xmaru 1717SGD fixed DR Detector, 1717, 2016 30kw high frequency generator: model L500-11, s/n ABF130-1216, Dec 2016 Floor to wall tube stand: model S105, s/n BMA044-1116, Nov…

Used DEL MEDICAL Universal AV Choice HF-S vet system w/NEW generator

Del Medical Universal AV Choice HF-S vet system w/ NEW generatorIncludes:patient table, model AV CHOICE HF-S, s/n 02789-1108, Nov 2008 tube stand, model V.T. TUBESTAND-HF, s/n 02790-1108, Nov 200830Kw High Frequency single phase generator (to be ordered new) tube collimator …

Used Patterson PURcr-50 private label AGFA CR30-X CR reader

Patterson PURcr-50 private label AGFA CR30-X CR readerIncludes:CR reader Type 5175-110, s/n 40197, Sept 2010 AGFA CR MD 4.0T cassettes: (2) 35x43 and (2) 24x30 Win XP workstation with Patterson's third party veterinary acquisition software 

Used – OEC-Diasonics 9400 Mobile C-ARM X-Ray Imaging System 1994

OEC-Diasonics 9400 Mobile C-ARM X-Ray Imaging System 1994Includes:C-ARM model 9400, s/n 49-1262, 1/1994 dual monitors monitor stand cart MediCapture MediCap USB100 hand controllers foot controlsWas recently used as a rental unit for one of our clients.

Used – FOR PARTS – OEC-Diasonics 9400 Mobile C-ARM X-Ray Imaging System 1993

The OEC 9400 C-Arm system is a versatile entry level unit that is great for a verity of procedures such as Pain Management, General Surgery, Orthopedics, and Vascular Surgeries2 available: 1992 and 1993These units are being sold for parts. 

Used XTEK Del Global VetTek Veterinarian Rad Room system

1998 XTEK Del Global VetTekSerial number 1019811-1409Includes:integrated stationary table with tube stand 30Kw single phase line match generator integrated generator console tube Eureka Linear MC150-C collimator

Used GE Logiq Yokogawa Medical ultrasound probes / transducers

GE Ultrasound probes / transducers - 3 available Model 10L, Model 2302650, s/n 954607YM8, Manf date: Oct 2003 Has wear on probe head (see photo)The GE 10L is a linear ultrasound transducer probe. Bandwidth: 4 – 10 MHz (Logiq P5 Premium, Vivid 7 Pro), 3.5 – 9.5 Mhz (Logiq 9,…

Used – FOR PARTS – OEC-Diasonics 9000 Mobile C-ARM X-Ray Imaging System 1990

Non-operational. For parts only. Missing the external transistor and fuse holder. Includes C-ARM, monitors, monitor stand

Used Tingle TXR COMPLETE Chiropractic Rad Room / chest x-ray sys w/ NEW generator

Tingle X-Ray Products TXR Rad Room chiropractic / chest x-ray system [2007] Complete chiro x-ray system, including:NEW Generator: DR GEM, model GXR-32, 32kw, high frequency, s/n GBA1771268 2015 X-ray tube 2007 tube stand: TXR 13-SM-84 floor-to-wall tube stand, s/n 31966 2007 wall stand:…