Used Kodak CR 825 DirectView x-ray CR digitizer w/ 7 cassettes

System Includes: Kodak DirectView model CR 825 CR, 6/2006, s/n 1538 IBM ThinkCentre workstation computer Micro Industries monitor, model 9500137 HandHeld brand scan gun / scanner Kodak DirectView cassettes: (4) 10x12", (3) 14x17" Manufacturer's Description: It is designed to fill…

Used XTEK Del Global VetTek Veterinarian Rad Room system

1998 XTEK Del Global VetTek Serial number 1019811-1409 Includes: integrated stationary table with tube stand 30Kw single phase line match generator integrated generator console tube Eureka Linear MC150-C collimator

Used GE Logiq 7 ultrasound color CRT display monitor 17" 2384932 CDT17105A

GE Logiq 7 ultrasound color CRT display monitor 17" model CDT17105A p/n 2384932

Used GE Logiq Yokogawa Medical ultrasound probes / transducers

GE Ultrasound probes / transducers - 3 available Model 3S, Ref 2323337, s/n 2688-21279PD5, Manf date: Dec 2003 The GE 3S is a sector array ultrasound transducer probe with a frequency range of 1.5 to 3.6 MHz. Applications: Cardiac and abdominal clinical applications and exams. 3S Compatibility: GE…

Used - FOR PARTS - OEC-Diasonics 9000 Mobile C-ARM X-Ray Imaging System 1999

Non-operational. For parts only. Missing the external transistor and fuse holder. Includes C-ARM, monitors, monitor stand

Used Mallinckrodt Optistar LE dual dye injector system

Mallinckrodt Optistar LE dual dye injector system Injector Specs: Ref 802300-F, s/n CI0707D040 “A” injector: 30/60ml “B” injector: 50/60ml Includes: Dual head injector with rolling stand

Used Tingle TXR COMPLETE Chiropractic Rad Room / chest x-ray sys w/ NEW generator

Tingle X-Ray Products TXR Rad Room chiropractic / chest x-ray system [2007] Complete chiro x-ray system, including: NEW Generator: DR GEM, model GXR-32, 32kw, high frequency, s/n GBA1771268 2015 X-ray tube 2007 tube stand: TXR 13-SM-84 floor-to-wall tube stand, s/n 31966 2007 wall stand:…

Used Del Medical / Raytheon / Fischer mixed Rad Room system

Dell / Raytheon / Fischer mixed rad room Includes: 1992 Raytheon / Fischer Imaging EXT 600 4-way float elevating table, s/n 1-08-92-014 2001 Del Medical K860 XMA Infinity floor-to-wall tube stand, s/n MA0757-0701 2001 Del Medical 3546E wall stand, s/n RC0807-0701 1994 York X-Ray Inc…

Used Instrumentarium Alpha IQ mammography unit

Instrumentarium Alpha IQ mammography unit Includes: 1998 Instrumentarium Alpha IQ mammography unit, Model MGF-110, s/n 6889 2000 Alpha Store cabinet, s/n 1199 (5) compression paddles Markers with case Wing wall / lead glass shield 24x30 cassette tray bucky

Used Carestream DirectView Vita LE CR table top x-ray CR digitizer 2012

System Includes: 2012 Carestream DirectView Vita LE CR OS: Win 7 Pro Software: Genesis Omni-Vue Monitor Cassettes: (2) 14x17", (2) 10x12" The output speed of the Vita LE is up to 30 plates per hour, depending on cassette size. BIG PERFORMERS FOR SMALL FACILITIES - Vita CR Systems accelerate…

Used MedLink Imaging / AGFA CR30 table top x-ray CR digitizer 2013

This CR reader is an AGFA CR30 privately labeled under MedLink Imaging. It has MedLink software and uses AGFA CRMD4.0T cassettes. System Includes: MedLink, Type 5175/220, manufactured 11/2012 (vintage 2013), s/n 70232 Lenovo ThinkStation workstation computer Software: OpalRad Lenovo…

Used Alpinion E-Cube i7 ECUBE portable ultrasound 2017

System Includes: 2017 Alpinion E-Cube i7 portable ultrasound (1) PB-C1-6T, 1-6MHz Convex Transducer (1) PB-L3-12T, 3-12MHz Linear Transducer DICOM 3.0 Connectivity/DICOM Modality Worklist 3 year manufacturer's transferable warranty Applications: Carotid, Peripheral Vascular,…