Lock-N-Secure II Rotating Wireless DR Tray

The Rotating Wireless DR Tray with Cabinet is a great addition to an X-Ray system looking to upgrade to Wireless DR. It is designed for Lock-N-Secure® II Panel Protection upgrades to an existing table or wallstand.

This rotational tray eliminates the need to remove the wireless digital 14×17 (35cmx43cm) receptor from the tray when changing orientation. A light pull by the receptor handle rotates the tray to either the portrait or landscape detent position without the need to physically remove the costly DR wireless panel.

Accommodates many common existing mounting hole dimensions & locations, grid and AEC chamber, which minimize any impact to the overall system.

Key Features:

  • Accommodates a variety of Wireless Digital Detectors (1417LD Lock-N-Secure® II)
  • Allows for manual rotation Portrait/Landscape in swivel based tray design
  • When Tray is Extended, the Tray Firmly Locks into the Open Position for Safe Placement and Removal of Lock-N-Secure® II

Must be purchased with Lock-N-Secure® II.