EzSensor Vet

EzSensor Vet | Veterinary Intraoral CMOS sensors

MyVet’s intraoral sensor delivers superior diagnostic images essential for successful diagnosis, endodontic treatment. Round corners, smooth edges, and a reinforced fiber optic cable connection are the results of design that focuses on patient comfort and product durability.

  • Superior image obtained with CMOS technology
  • Slim design for easy positioning
  • IP68 water and dust protection
  • Fiber optic cable connector
Parameter Description
Dectector Structure Low Noise Hybrid CMOS
Dimensions (W x L x T) EzSensor 2.0 (1.24 x 1.69 x 0.19 inch)
Pixel Size 29.6µm
Theoretical Resolution 16.8 lp/mm
Active Pixel Array 1216 x 878 pixels (Bining Mode)
Waterproof IP68
Data output(Interface) >Direct USB(USB 2.0)
Cable Length 8.6 Feet
* Specifications subject to change without prior notice *

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