Rayence 1717SCC/SGC • 17×17 Tethered Flat Panel Detector

1717SCC/SGC • 17×17 Tethered Flat Panel Detector

The 1717SGC/SCC is designed to provide a larger imaging area while eliminating the need to rotate the detector to capture even the widest chest or abdomen.

The detector is the same thickness of traditional film cassettes, which makes retrofitting them into standard cassette trays easy. The use of 17×17 inch detector provides more flexibility when positioning anatomy and eliminates the need to be rotated for certain views.

The 1717 S-Series is constructed with Rayence’s auto-trigger signal sensing technology, removing the need for generator integration. Efficiency is improved by streamlining workflow by eliminating  additional steps required when using film or CR.

Together with an image preview time of less than 5 seconds, patient throughput and overall productivity is increased, and the wait time for patients is decreased, providing an economical and ideal solution for any X-ray room.