Rayence RU-3000

This unique U-arm features a compact design with dual telescoping arm movement that permits installation in settings having ceiling heights of just eight (8) feet. Its fully motorized movements for SID, arm rotation, height, and detector angle can be automatically programmed to user-specific radiographic…

Del Medical DFMT

The Del Medical DFMT Floor Mounted Tube Stand is a versatile x-ray system that can be tailored to the needs of almost all types of patients and/or facilities. This Del Medical system is also an affordable radiographic solution for rooms with low ceilings. Del Medical Amrad DFMT brochure

Del Medical OCT12D

The OTC12D, recognized as the industry gold standard and technologist choice for high patient volume radiographic suites, offers complete exam versatility, precision and reliability. With an incredibly low total cost of ownership, the OTC12D is ideal for high-throughput environments such as hospitals,…

AmRad™ Medical Advantage DFMT

The AmRad™ Medical DFMT is a premiere imaging system for the busiest Orthopedic Clinic. The AmRad™ Medical Advantage DFMT allows your technologists to focus on your patients with their ease of movement and flexible positioning. AmRad™ Medical Advantage DFMT brochure

Del Medical CTM2020

The Del Medical CTM2020 Ceiling Tube Mount System can accommodate a wide range of radiographic procedures with its motorized vertical travel feature and versatile table compatibility. With its easy-to-read digital display readout, the CTM2020 system offers maximum operator convenience and accuracy. Del…

Del Medical U-Arm

The Del Medical UArm is an ideal solution for most radiographic procedures performed in orthopaedic and hospital emergency rooms. The system offers a flexible system design that enables sitting, erect, and recumbent positions. Del Medical U-Arm brochure