Used Kodak CR 825 DirectView x-ray CR digitizer w/ 7 cassettes

System Includes:

  • Kodak DirectView model CR 825 CR, 6/2006, s/n 1538
  • IBM ThinkCentre workstation computer
  • Micro Industries monitor, model 9500137
  • HandHeld brand scan gun / scanner
  • Kodak DirectView cassettes: (4) 10×12″, (3) 14×17″

Manufacturer’s Description:

It is designed to fill a growing demand for computed radiography (CR) systems by orthopaedic practices, diagnostic imaging centers and small hospitals.

The system features an integrated CPU (central processing unit) with storage for 2,000 images and an internal UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to protect the user from internal or external causes of unplanned shutdown, including network outage and power failure. Also, it processes cassettes without them physically entering the reader, which avoids the potential for jams and obstruction by other objects.

The CR 825 shares a user interface and DIRECTVIEW PTS Software with other KODAK CR and DR systems. In addition, the CR 825 system supports accessories and software including KODAK DIRECTVIEW EVP Software for advanced image processing, KODAK DIRECTVIEW Remote Operations Panels and DICOM store and work list management software.

The system will process 60 plates an hour (based on 35 x 43 cm cassettes) and use the same reliable rigid cassette as the KODAK DIRECTVIEW CR 850 and CR 950 systems.